Cuba Fire Department Inc

As part of an ongoing initiative to promote public awareness of fire prevention and safety, CFD’s Fire Prevention Committee will be providing monthly topics that address fire hazard issues. Please feel free to contact CFD’s Fire Prevention Committee Chair, Robin Valeri, with any questions regarding arranging a fire prevention demonstration or with interests in areas of fire prevention and safety that you would like to see featured here.  


April: Grill Safety-General InfoGrill Safety-Gas Grills; May: Grill Safety-Charcoal GrillsGrill Safety-Electric Grills; June: Campfire Safety; July: Garage Fire Safety ; August: Electrical Safety September: Fireplace and Woodstove Safety ; October: Manufactured Homes Fire Safety November/December: Cooking Safety


January/February: Ice Safety; March/April: May/June: July/August: September/October: Halloween SafetyNovember/December: