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CFD Members Complete Training Courses


Monday, June 19, 2017 Two CFD members, Michael Pendleton and 2nd Lieutenant Jonas Perry, have completed Firefighter Survival hosted by Fillmore Fire Department with NYS Fire Instructor Hite. This twelve credit hour program is designed for self-rescue and rescue of trapped firefighters. Course content enables firefighters to recognize the types of events encountered on the fire ground that contribute to firefighter disorientation and/or entrapment, to have knowledge of what is necessary to ensure their safety and that of their partners or crew members, and perform self-rescue techniques when disoriented, separated, or when needing to exit a structure in an emergency. The course also requires students to perform a number of practical evolutions with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). 

Two CFD members, Alex Deck and Kyle Lyman, have completed First Out Rescue's Extrication College with First Out Rescue staff. Students worked with varying cutting, spreading, and stabilization tools on a number of different automobile frames and in a number of different impact/rollover positions. 

 Firefighter Survival

 Extrication College